Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Getting Professional Help for H4 EAD - Bay Area Legal Services

The H4 work authorization or EAD is now a reality but until the work permit is in the hands of the H4 visa holder, the stress is not over. While many are thinking that the application is simple, and it might be, the difficulties that had been attached to getting that law passed, can only make us wonder about the difficulties of actually applying for an H4 work authorization.

Many are calling and are so confused with the forms, that it is becoming impossible to answer without a consultation.  As such, we have tried our best to guide people on the law but as for the other issues attached to the H4 visa itself and filing the forms, you might want to hire a lawyer to do that. For those who were on a student visa (F1 visa) or OPT, they seem to be  more confused on how and when to change status.  Others are simply overwhelmed with information that they are ready to give up.  These are but few examples of the difficulties for regular immigration lawyers about answering the H4 EAD questions.

However, since our law firm had been involved in the process of the H4 work permit law since 2010, we know a little more on the issues related to H4 than the average immigration lawyers. The law group offers a comprehensive Bay Area immigration legal services. Although we do not claim to know it all, our involvement in passing this law makes it easier for us to understand the issues. As such, if you need help to file for your H4 change of status, and securely obtain your H4 work authorization  we recommend that you call us at (510) 742 5887 or email us at info@peerallylaw.com

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