Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Hearing on H4 EAD Injunction lawsuit to be heard on Thursday May 21, 2015

The H4 EAD dates are coming close (May 26 2015), yet we have not received any official instructions on the new Revised I-765 form.  One of the reasons may be the decision on the injunction filed by Saved Jobs USA.  The judge in the Federal Court in Washington D.C. where the case was moved, will actually be hearing and probably deciding on the injunction on Thursday May 21, 2015.  There are only few outcomes we can expect:

1. The judge grants the injunction as such the H4 EAD is blocked like DAPA and DACA; or
2. The judge deny the injunction.
There are little chance that the judge will defer the decision but it might happen.

At this point, we ask all of you to follow the case. Based on the decision, then we will know if we can actually get the H4 work permit. Because of the delay we are also expecting a delay in the instructions and the release of the new form I-765 form.  Therefore a delay for people to apply. However, unlike the H1B application there is no deadline, if the injunction is NOT granted, then people will still be able to apply for their H4 EAD. Let us hope that the judge act in the best interest of the H4 visa people who have been suffering for years from this unfair law.  God help us all!

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