Saturday, June 6, 2015

Beware of Wrong Immigration Help including non lawyer websites. Cheap US Immigration Consultants can actually cost you!

With the opening of the H4 EAD and other immigration benefits, it is important that immigrants especially H4 visa holders make sure that they are hiring attorneys and real attorneys to work on their cases.  Many websites which 'pop up' on the internet are usually unauthorized to practice law and as such might actually hurt your chances of getting an EAD or any immigration benefits. In fact, many of them when busted end up by bringing down their existing clients with them. You do not want to be one of them!


1. Most of the forums or US immigration consultants on the internet especially the non-lawyer prominent forums are maintained by non lawyers and are actually not bound by any legal rules of ethics.  As such the information they provide are usually not reliable.  Relying on them might actually hurt you.  So you can use them at your own risks.  Also they cannot be attached to an attorney.  They can work for the attorney but not the other way around. Just because they have an attorney on the list does not make them legitimate.

Important: Known forums which are owned by attorneys are legitimate forums such as, or  You can actually use some of the information although some might not be completely correct.  However, since we know that they are owned by real lawyers or a real law firm, you can actually trust them. 

2. Only licensed lawyers and BIA certified practitioners are allowed even to fill forms for you.  This is why the G-28 notice of appearance is so detailed right now. You should not use any internet forums or non lawyers to help you in your immigration matter because you might actually be an accomplice in helping them practicing law without a license.

Because there are many groups or people preying on innocent immigrants, you might be better off handling your case on your own or use a reputable immigration lawyer to help. 

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