Friday, June 26, 2015

DOS announcing that 85 percent of State Department nonimmigrant visa demand worldwide, are now online and issuing visas

 It seems that 85% of the non-immigrant processing has resumed. But we might still see some issues so be ready in case you want to apply for a visa a the Consulate. We recommend unless emergency not to go for consular processing at this point.  

This is what the DOS website is showing:

The Bureau of Consular Affairs reports that 165 posts, representing more than 85 percent of our nonimmigrant visa demand worldwide, are now online and issuing visas. Posts overseas issued more than 82,000 visas on June 24. Posts overseas have issued more than 238,000 non-immigrant visas this week. For context, if systems had been operating normally, posts would have issued approximately 540,000 visas since the outage started. We will continue to bring additional posts online until connectivity with all posts is restored. All posts worldwide are now scheduling interviews with applicants, including with those who applied after the systems problems began on June 9. We deeply regret the inconvenience to travelers who are waiting for visas, as well as their families and U.S. businesses that have been affected. We continue to post updates to our website,

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