Monday, June 15, 2015

How the Infosys and TCS DOL investigation might affect H1B holders and ultimately H4 visa holders?

The Department of Labor (DOL) has launched an investigation in the two famous IT consulting companies: Infosys and TATA Consulting (TCS). This is a series following the Disney saga with the same argument that H1B workers are replacing American workers.  As we all know H1B workers are not cheap especially for the price which DOL LCAs impose on their cases.  As for displacement, we doubt it is reality based on market conditions.  It seems this new round of investigations might actually be more politically motivated than anything else.  As such the "witch hunt"! But until the investigation is complete, we will not be able to know.

Whether it is a 'witch-hunt' or good investigations, those who are really going to suffer are the H1B visa holders.  Their privileges will be obliterated and ultimaely their H4 dependents will actually suffer.  You need to prepare for a backup solution.  If you are an H1B employee and H4 dependent who might be affected by this situation, we recommend you talk to an independent attorney for advice. Unfortunately your company attorney might be having a conflict of interest.

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