Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The H4 EAD's future.

In the recent months there has been an influx of applications of H4 EAD reaching the USCIS. We have seen the dream of thousands come true with approval notices after approval notices.  It give us immense pride to see the culmination of long years of fight.  The question everybody is asking is what happens next?  We wanted to cover few of the issues that might be facing the H4 visa holders, their EADs and what we can expect in the future.

We Expect More Applications in the coming month.

Many are those who preferred to wait and see how the situation with the H4 work permits unfolds before applying.  We have seen hundreds of H4 visa holders waiting for the right moment to apply. Now they are flocking in for their applications.  We think that there will be another wave of applications in around August 2015.  If you are one of them and you need help, do not hesitate to call us at 510 742 5887.

Save Jobs USA lawsuit is not finished.

The lawsuit against H4 visa EADs is not completed yet. We hope it will not result in a reversal of the law.  We have just to wait on see on this. This is one reason, it might be good to file for the EADs as soon as you can.

The I-140 EAD coming soon.

The I-140 EAD is the next new wave which we are expecting around end of 2015 or by April 2016. Unless it is blocked, it will be the next good thing coming from the USCIS.

The above is just a quick analysis of what we have seen and we can expect on the Employment Authorization Document (EAD) arena. At no point it reflect the general reality.  It is only what our law firm has witnessed in the past few months. Keep checking our website www.h4toead.com  for updates and new information. Should you need help on any H4 application or EAD, feel free to call us at 510 742 5887.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

"How To guide" on Immigration.

The H4 EAD is usually only one aspect of immigration. It is always good to look into other options when it comes to immigration matters. As such this "How To Guide" on immigration can be very helpful. We encourage you to check the link and hope it helps into other options to immigrate to the United States. For more information feel free to call 510 742 5887.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Some very interesting questions on H4 and H4 EAD answered!

The Shah Peerally Law Show  on Thursday July 23 2015 was full of very interesting EAD questions including H4 EAD traveling, H4 EAD change of status, I-140 EAD, and other employment and non employment immigration answers. Below is a recorded audio of the show.

Upload Audio - Download Music - Shah Peerally Law Show 07. 23.2015 - H4 EAD, I-140EAD, USCIS

Great Testimonial on the H4 EAD!

Here is a testimonial from one of our clients:

"I have been an avid listener of radio talk shows hosted by Attorney Shah as I found them very informative. Through these shows, I found out about the quest for H4 EAD and signed petition for the same. I also used to send my questions to Attorney Shah over emails and always got the response even though there was no client-attorney relationship at that point. Now that this law is a reality now, there was no better option for me other than Attorney Shah who has been in the thick of this crusade to apply for my Wife's H4 EAD. the whole process of application has been very smooth and easy. Able office assistants from Attorney Shah's office patiently helped me out while I worked on collecting the documents. During this process, I have mailed numerous times to Attorney Shah with my questions and he would always make it a point to respond back to my questions promptly. I am still waiting for the EAD approval, however wanted to write this review to express my gratitude for Attorney Shah who has been doing this amazing work. "

 *Important: The testimonials or endorsements on this website do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter. Each case is different and success in one case does not warrant or guarantee success in other similar cases or situations.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

New H1B Amendment memo from USCIS ease the requirements to file amendments.

New H-1B petitions for workers who change job sites, with the agency saying it would generally not punish employers that don’t file new petitions based on location changes that occurred before April 9 2015 based the Matter of Simeio Solutions LLC. On June 21 2015 USCIS released a new memo as a guide to whom should file for an H1B amendment after Matter of Simeio Solutions, LLC. For more information or help call us at 510 7425887

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

More H4 EAD approvals coming!

We are very proud of the Shah Peerally Law Group team for so far an impeccable rate of approvals on the H4 EAD and H4 COS.  More approvals have been coming lately. We are very happy that no a single request for evidence on the H4 EAD applications were issued so far.   The group hopes to continue serving the immigrant community when it comes to all aspect of immigration. For those who want to avoid any possible complicated issue in filing for H4 change of status or EAD, we recommend you contact them at 510 742 5587. Note just because so many cases are being approved, it does not necessarily means your case will be approved.

Listen to the Shah Peerally Law Show Recorded live on KLOK 1170 AM on July 20th 2015
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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Shah Peerally Law Show - July 17, 2015 - H4 EAD issues

Free Music - Audio Hosting - Shah Peerally Law Show July ...

H4 Change of Status being approved within 90 days and H4 EAD within 4 weeks!

Lately a lot people are asking about the processing time for H4 Change of Status (H4 COS) and H4 EAD processing time. Based on the amount of cases we have handled so far, the average turn around of the cases from our office for 1) H4 COS is around 2.5 months  and 2) another 2 to 4 weeks for the EAD.  We have heard that many are experiencing longer delays.  The truth is that the delays might be the result of wrongfully submitted applications or the person who filed has no experience in filing either the H4 COS or the H4 EAD.  We highly recommend seeking the right professional help to handle such cases. The Shah Peerally Law Group PC has now handled many of such cases and our success rate is amazing so far. We recommend calling us at 510 742 5887 or email info@peerallylaw.com for any inquiry.

How a good lawyer can help on your H4 EAD application.

Have you ever wondered why most companies seek to employ a good attorney as their advisors? You'll find most big companies investing in legal advisors who can give them a solid back up when it comes to matters of law or advice regarding areas such as capitalization, taxation, immigration, and other areas of law. Based on the same logic individuals should properly choose their attorneys to handle their cases. Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/9098626

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

USCIS resumes H1B Premium Processing

Stating that the H4 EAD needed resources, the USCIS previously suspended many H1B premium processing. Fortunately as from July 13, 2015, USCIS has changed position and resumed all H1B premium processing allowing H1B holders filing for an H1B transfer, H1B amendment or H1B extension to file their form I-907 premium processing. For more information check here.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

The August 2015 Visa Bulletin is out and nothing really great for India! The Philippines doing better on EB3

Except the Philippines which was unavailable, is now on June 2004 EB3, the August 2015 Visa Bulletin is not promising for Indian nationals.  In fact, we might see a retrogression in September 2015 for India. However, we might also see a move towards a progression.  Hopefully, we will see a good progression to at least September 2009 according to our previous predictions but the stagnant situation since June to August 2015, is not a good sign.  We encourage people to look into other alternatives. Good luck to all!

  • Try the EB1 categories -EB1a, EB1b and Eb1c


  • If you need help with any immigration matter, feel free to contact us at 510 742 5887

    Friday, July 10, 2015

    Do you I have to file anything if I want to change job on H4 EAD?

    The H4 EAD unlike the H1B visa does not require any kind of transfer or filing in order to move from jobs to jobs. In fact, you can be working at different places simultaneously and better not even in your field of study.  However the since the H4 is attached to the H1B visa, you need to make sure that a form I-539 change of status is filed every time you transfer the H1B.  At this point, USCIS has not mentioned to refile the H4 EAD application every time you move the H1B visa.  If you need help filing the H4 EAD or H4 Change of Status.

    Important note: Many are contacting us stating they self filed the H4 EAD and they have not even received any answer.  This is exactly the problem of dealing with such new cases without knowing the law. It is wise to use an attorney to help. Our law firm has already received many approval of H4 EAD and we will be glad to help you. Call us at 510 742 5887

    Thursday, July 9, 2015

    US immigration questions- H1B, H4 visa, Parents petitions with attorney ...

    Immigration Council Call for Plaintiffs: EAD Adjudication Delays

    The American Immigration Council, Northwest Immigrant Rights Project (NWIRP), Gibbs Houston Pauw, Scott D. Pollock & Associates, P.C., and Van der Hout, Brigagliano & Nightingale, LLP, have filed a class action lawsuit challenging USCIS’s failure to timely adjudicate applications for employment authorization documents (EADs) and to issue interim employment authorization. If your client’s EAD application has not been adjudicated within the regulatory time period and s/he may be interested in serving as a plaintiff in the lawsuit, please fill out the form below.

    Plaintiffs’ counsel are collecting examples of cases that have been pending past 90 days and cases where asylum applicants have had to wait beyond the regulatory 30 day period. Please do NOT include any EAD applications based on initial DACA applications (Form I-821D) at this time. Also please do not submit cases if you have “asylum clock problems,” i.e., where the government may disagree that the required 150 days have elapsed. If you have questions, please e-mail Clearinghouse@immcouncil.org with the subject line "EAD Processing Delays."

    Fill the form Here

    Tuesday, July 7, 2015

    The H1B and H4 visas Application Difficulties.

    The H1B applications difficulties are becoming more and more complicated to deal with. From a good support letter to filing the I-129 application and the LCAs, many are wondering whether they can actually file their own H1B and H4 transfers.  If you are familiar with the application, it might be possible to apply on your own. However, a simple mistake might cost you or get you an RFE or worse an Intent to Deny ultimately resulting in a denial.  This article covers issues of filing your H1B application.  If you need help on your H1B application, please call us at 510 742 5887.

    Sunday, July 5, 2015

    Attorney On Air Law Show - Celebrates its 5th Year Anniversary.

    For the 5th Anniversary of the Attorney On Air law show, the law show on Monday July 6th 2015 will be dedicated to the pain of those agonizing on the EB categories. Please listen to the show 12pm to 1pm KLOK1170am.com -
    Thank you!

    Five Years of Existence for the Shah Peerally Law Show

    Friday, July 3, 2015

    Another Xenophobic attack on H4 Visa Holders and the New H4 EAD rule.

    It seems that many are going on a lengthy way to attack not only the H4 EADs but also an entire group of people.  While the arguments might be holding water, the fact that some can even dare to write such a book is reprehensible.

    A new book reported by ComputerWorld India denounces an alleged monopoly by South Indians regarding the IT sector.  Although I have not read the book, and although we all know there are few abuses on employment visas, I cannot imagine that an entire race needs to be blamed based on few situations.  It is exactly what Donald Trump is doing to the Latinos and Mexicans (See Donald Trump v/s Mexicans)

    The book "The Rise of South Indians: Invisible Dimension in Decline of Jobs for Americans in US Economy” says that to fix the broken US IT job market, the monopoly of Teluguites and Tamilians must be ended.

    The immigration system has its flaws but so far, the Silicon Valley has prospered based on this system.  Now blaming the "success" on abuses is not only wrong but ridiculous.  We would like all of you to be aware that many anti-immigration groups are just racists and xenophobic.  They will even use people of the same community to create division between groups. None of us should subscribe to this kind of intimidation.


    Thursday, July 2, 2015


    DHS could not stop the Save Jobs USA lawsuit on H4 EAD.

    It seems the government was against the H4 new rule. According to Law360, the government failed to "Nix" the lawsuit at an early stage. Despite the fact that the Judge did not agree on the preliminary injunction, she still allowed the law suit to continue.  As such we are going to see a huge influx of evidence and information coming on the lawsuit. At this point the H4 EAD rule is still good but we do not know what is its future. For those who qualify at this point, we recommend you file your EAD at an early stage and enjoy the benefits. If you need help to apply, please call us at 510 742 5887.

    Immigration Law Show By Shah Peerally

    Wednesday, July 1, 2015

    Can I use a previously approved I-140 for the H4 EAD?

    If you have an approved I-140, whether it is from the present company you are working with, or an not revoked approved form I-140 from any previous company, you can actually use it to file for your spouse H4 work authorization (H4 EAD).  The rule follows the same rule of AC 21, for H1B extension where the H1B holders can extend and transfer their H1B beyond six years with an approved I-140.  The approval does not have to be in any specific EB category.  If you need help or are confused with the H4 EAD rule, feel free to call us at 510 742 5887 for help.