Thursday, July 16, 2015

H4 Change of Status being approved within 90 days and H4 EAD within 4 weeks!

Lately a lot people are asking about the processing time for H4 Change of Status (H4 COS) and H4 EAD processing time. Based on the amount of cases we have handled so far, the average turn around of the cases from our office for 1) H4 COS is around 2.5 months  and 2) another 2 to 4 weeks for the EAD.  We have heard that many are experiencing longer delays.  The truth is that the delays might be the result of wrongfully submitted applications or the person who filed has no experience in filing either the H4 COS or the H4 EAD.  We highly recommend seeking the right professional help to handle such cases. The Shah Peerally Law Group PC has now handled many of such cases and our success rate is amazing so far. We recommend calling us at 510 742 5887 or email for any inquiry.

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