Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Opt extension 24 months STEM - New Proposed Rule

The new OPT proposed rule is under "OMB" comments. The battle is on and many are hoping that the new 24 months will be a blessing for them all. However, this possible good news come with a lot of good and bad. The good part is it is going to be 24 months. The bad part is that many employers will be reluctant to employ people on OPT with so many conditions namely the "Training" part where a special form is required. This means that it will overburden an employer to have to report to the government on a permanent basis explaining in details how this person is being trained. The other part which is a 'turn-off' is the part of making sure that nobody is terminated while OPT students are being hired. This means that employer which reasonably terminate someone will not be able to do so because the employee can claim, he or she is being replaced by an OPT student. This adds up to the frustrations and the news of getting this law passed!

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