Wednesday, October 7, 2015

TRO on October 2015 Visa Bulletin Denied

As the hopes went up with the Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) filed on the Mehta v DOS, the court decided that the TRO could not be granted. This means the court will not allow the forcing of the original October 2015 visa bulletin.  This is not great news however there might be some hope if the court found out that the situation might be "moot"!

Due to the pressure, there is a chance that the Department of State might actually give us some reasonable good news for the November 2015 visa bulletin.  Of course, it might be totally speculative to think this way.  The reason the DOS might not budge is because of their situation.  Indeed, if the government goes back on its decision, it might actually not be good for their so-called image. But if they update the November 2015 visa bulletin to look better or the same as the previous October 2015 visa bulletin, it will not look as if they are capitulating under pressure.  This is what we might hopefully see soon.  See my article explaining attorney Shah Peerally's logic on the matter.

Therefore, the idea is not completely lost, let us wait and see how the November 2015 Visa Bulletin behaves. In the meantime, please sign the petition below to keep the pressure.

Shah Peerally Newark, CA
Fighting Back the October 2015 Revised Visa Bulletin – Call for action!
As you all know by now the government has revised the Visa Bulletin affecting thousands of applicants who in the hope of finding a new future prepared to file for their adjustment of status. The truth is that many are suffering because 1) of the endless delay and 2) because of the “false hope” instigated by the original Visa Bulletin. To this end some have taken it to the court filing a class action in D.C Court to push the government to honor it ‘original October 2015 Visa Bulletin’. Some organisations including AILA is calling on the government to actually honor the previous October 2015 Visa Bulletin.

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