Friday, February 19, 2016

Another H4 EAD approved within few weeks

Congratulations Shah Peerally Law Group team for another H4 EAD application approved within few weeks after filing with no RFEs.  As you know the H4 Change of Status and H4 EAD which were supposed to be easy applications, have now turned into nightmares for many because of the previous status. Those who are H1B visas, F1 visas or other types of visas and trying to change status to H4 visas and Employment Authorization Document (EAD) are being faced with a number of hurdles including proving that they have maintained status. Nonetheless the law firm experience in filing such cases have proven to be the most efficient with so far a 99% success rate. Note that although they are successful in some cases, this does not guarantee success in other cases.

The Shah Peerally Law Group PC which has been instrumental in the passing of the H4 EAD rule has also already helped hundreds with their H4 EAD applications. Feel free to call them at (510) 742 5887, if you need help.

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