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Pro Bono Advocacy & Community Outreach

Shah Peerally and The Shah Peerally Law Group’s team have always been in the forefront of defending civil and human rights. Their pro bono work, advocacy and community outreach have reached and helped thousands people all over the United States and abroad. Here are some of their work:
Movers & Shakers and Other International Papers
Lawyers in the Library Pro Bono Project Award to attorney

Immigration Pro- Bono Work for Congress
Since June 2010, the law group has dedicated at least 2 hours a week to provided legal educational programs for FREE on AM and online radio. Our shows are replayed on a 24/7 at
Tri Valley University (TVU) was a unique situation where almost 1500 students status were in jeopardy. Some were arrested and others simply lost their status. The law firm dedicated hundreds of hours to assist the students including but not limited to Radio Shows, Media awareness campaigns, and other advocacy campaigns.
TVU Stories
In the News for advocacy
Open Letter to President Obama regarding Tri Valley University

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Legal Updates
Fighting for Spouses’ Rights especially for VAWA (Violence Against Women Act)
Movie for the Awareness Campaign
Immigration Nationality § Act 221(g) {INA 221g} hurts hundreds of families. INA 221g is the law being used to deny visas by US Consulates all over the world. Although the law was enacted to protect and double check approvals. We believe it is being abused because in the past years more than 90% of the denials have ultimately been reversed. However, this law has resulted in a number lost opportunities. Our law firm has started online petitions and a campaign to fight for a fair application of this law.
Creating awareness on the abuses and wrong applications of INA 221g
H4 visa holders are dependents of the H1B holders. As dependents mostly (women and children), their lives are harsh because they are unable to work or own a business. Shah Peerally has constantly been fighting to actually help the people on H4 visas.
Article published on
Advocating against the unfair delay (visa retrogression based on the Department of State Visa Bulletin) which Indian Nationals have to bear in getting a Permanent Residence.
Our Youtube Channel provides FREE information and advocates for Immigrants’ rights and Consumer Rights.
Shah Peerally, Esq.


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